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  • Hunger | srceh-

    HUNGER FACT SHEETS Food Insecurity In Sacramento: 2018 Hunger Among Students K-12 in Sacramento: 2018 Student Hunger Across CSU System: 2018 PUBLICATIONS A Primer on the Restaurant Meals Program Homeless Nutrition Education Toolkit Hunger Hits Home: 2012

  • Overview: Homelessness in Sacramento | srceh-

    OVERVIEW OF HOMELESSNESS IN SACRAMENTO & DEMOGRAPHICS OVERVIEW Overview: Homelessness in Sacramento County: 2022 SRCEH Analysis of City "Cost of Homelessness Report" SRCEH Analysis of County "Cost of Homelessness Report" SRCEH Critique of "Functional Zero" Sacramento: Main Reasons for Homelessness: 2017 DEMOGRAPHICS Youth Homelessness in Sacramento: 2023 Fact Sheet Ethnicity/Race: Homeless People of Color: 2018 Homelesss Seniors

  • Systemic Racism | srceh-

    SYSTEMIC RACISM FACT SHEETS Homeless Youth & Adults: People of Color: 2019 Fact Sheet

  • SRCEH In the News | srceh-

    SRCEH IN THE NEWS: 2023 1/10 The Latest Data Shows CA is America's Most Homeless State. It Doesn't Have to Be, SacBee, January 1, 2023 City of Sacramento Tows Homeless RV's Ahead of Storm. 'They Picked the Worst Day to do This,' SacBee, January 4, 2023 Winter Storms have Killed Sacramento's Homeless Before. Have We Learned Nothing? SacBee, January 7, 2023 CA Storm: Homeless on Island Confront Climate Change, LA Times, January 8, 2023 Two Homeless People Died When Trees Fell on Their Tents During Sacramento Wind Storms, SacBee, January 9, 2023 Stormy Weather a Harsh Reminder of Difficulties Faced by Sacramento's Unhoused, ABC-10, January 9, 2023 CA's Unhoused in the Eye of the Storm, CalMatters, January 10, 2023 At Least Two Unhoused People Killed in CA's Devastating Winter Storms, The Guardian, January 10, 2023 Thousands of Californians Under Evacuation Orders as Flood Threats Continue and Death Toll Climbs to 17, CNN, January 10, 2023 Unsheltered from the Storm, Canadian Broadcasting Company, January 11, 2023 Sacramento Officials Opening Cal Expo for Homeless for First Time, SacBee, January 13, 2023 He Raised 4 Kids in Sacramento. He Died Homeless of Hypothermia This Winter, SacBee, January 13, 2023 CalTrans Wants Millions of More Dollars to Clear Thousands of CA Homeless Encampments, SacBee, January 23, 2023 Sacramento Assemblyman Introduces Bill to Ban Homeless Encampments Near Parks & Schools, SacBee, January 25, 2023 Caltrans Requests Increase of Millions of Dollars to Clear Homeless Encampments, KCRA, January 25, 2023 Sacramento City Officials Meets to Discuss What to do with Vacant Land in Meadowview, CBS, January 25, 2023 Gov. Newsom Plans to Convert EDD Headquarters & 2 More Downtown Office Buildings Into Affordable Housing, KCRA, January 31, 2023 Mayor Steinberg Address Promises Made About Sacramento Homeless, ABC-10, February 2, 2023 Paul's Place Provides 'Path Forward' for Unhoused Residents in Davis, Capitol Public Radio, February 8, 2023 Armored Vehicle Approved in Sacramento for $440,000 Sparks Debate, ABC-10, February 8, 202 3 Weeks After Storms, Miller Park's Safe Ground Site for Homeless Residents to Open with Changes, KCRA, February 15, 2023 Homeless Fires Continue to Plague Sacramento Firefighter Resources, Advocates Weigh Solutions, KCRA, February 15, 2023 Sacramento to Soon Open 15 Trailers to Homeless, but Dozens More Still Sit in Storage, SacBee, February 18, 2023 Tiny Home Village Sits Empty as Delays, Costs Mount for Sacramento Homelessness Project, Capital Public Radio, March 3, 2023 What Will the New American River Parkway Plan do for Homeless People Besides Move Them Around? SacBee, March 6, 2023 Sacramento is Exploring a Vacancy Tax on Empty Lots, Storefronts and Possibly Even Homes, Capital Public Radio, March 13, 2023 Homeless Population Raises Concerns as March Madness is Set to Bring Crowds to Downtown Sacramento, CBS-13, March 14, 2023 Gavin Newsom is Giving Sacramento 350 Tiny Homes for Unhoused Residents. Here's What We Know, SacBee, March 16, 2023 Newsom Administration to Provide 1,200 Tiny Homes Statewide, Including 350 for Sacramento Region, Capital Public Radio, March 16, 2023 Newsom Pledges 1,200 Tiny Homes For CA's Homeless, CBS, March 16, 2023 Newsom Pledges 1,200 Tiny Homes For CA's Homeless, Associated Press [AP], March 16, 2023 AP article also ran in 14 media outlets including: ABC; MSN; Fox; US News & World Report; Bakersfield Now; San Diego Tribune; Press Democrat; Midland Reporter; KTAR; Santa Fe New Mexican; Mesabi Tribune; the Register-Herald; Kentucky New Era; Honolulu Star- Advertiser A Third Unhoused Sacramentan has Frozen to Death this Winter. Here's What Happened, SacBee, March 20, 2023 Woman Found Dead in North Highlands Homeless Camp, ABC10, March 20, 2023 Deaths of 2 Women at Homeless Camp in North Highlands Being Investigated as Homicides, CBS, March 20, 2023 A Sacramento Housing Nonprofit is Closing. More Than 560 Sacramentans Could be Homeless, SacBee, March 27, 2023 Sacramento Firefighters Vandalized the Inside of a Water To wer. It Cost Taxpayers $65,000, SacBee, March 28, 2023 Proposed Law to Ban Homeless Camps Within 1,000 feet of 'Sensitive Areas', Spectrum News, March 28, 2023 N ew Report: Downtown Sacramento Homelessness Declined, But Where Did People Go?, CBS, March 28, 2023 Did the Homeless Population Decline in Downtown Sacramento? A Survey Indicates 'Yes,' But Many are Skeptical Capital Public Radio, April 5, 2023 Unhoused Residents at Sacramento's 'Camp Resolution' Reach First-Of-Its-Kind Lease to Remain on City-Owned Property, Capital Public Radio, April 10, 2023 Sacramento County's Project Roomkey Closing As Soon As this summer; 201 Unhoused Residents in Limbo, KCRA-3, April 19, 2023 When It Comes to Finding Landlords for Affordable Housing in Sacramento, the Struggle Continues, SN&R, April 20, 2023 Two Longtime Sacramento Hotels C ould Soon Turn Into Permanent Homeless Housing, Capital Public Radio, April 20, 2023 There May Soon Be A Big Payday for Some Sacramento County Politicians, CBS Sacramento, May 22, 2023 Measure O Update: What the City has done to be able to Meet the Mandates, ABC-10, May 23, 2023 Darrell Steinberg is Stepping Away. But will Sacramento's Mayor Ever Leave the Spotlight?, SacBee, May 28, 2023 Yolo County DA Says CA's Homeless Crisis Can Be Solved in 1 Year by Cracking Down on Drugs, CBS, June 1, 2023 City Council Plan May Remove Homeless From Around CA State Capitol for Good, CBS-13, June 4, 2023 Grand Jury Slams Sacramento County Homelessness Response Plans As 'Illusion,' ABC-10 June 15, 2023 Sacramento Voters Approved a Ban on Homeless Encampments Last Fall. Here's Why the City has been Slow to Enforce It, Capital Public Radio, June 21, 2023 Woman Beaten by Homeless Person Near Arden Arcade Park, CBS-13, July 12, 2023 'Languishing': Sacramento Sheriff Homeless Outreach Finds Mental Illness, Addiction Crime, SacBee, July 12, 2023 Sacramento Co. Sheriff Wants More Done on Homelessness, ABC10, July 12, 2023 Sacramento DA is Investigating City's Homeless Effort, Says Criminal Charges are Possible, SacBee, July 18, 2023 What are "Level 1" Homeless Camps and When can Sacramento Sweep Them?, CBS-13, July 19, 2023 Sacramento City Council to Consider Opening Hundreds More Tents at Sanctioned Campsites Aug.1, SacBee, July 20, 2023 Sacramento County District Attorney Launches Investigation Into Homeless Crisis, FOX-40, July 20, 2023 San Diego to Enforce Jail Time for Homeless, How Sacramento is Responding, ABC-10, July 24, 2023 Sacramento City Council Debates After the Removal of an Encampment In Midtown, FOX-40, July 25, 2023 Sacramento Council to Consider Opening Hundreds More Tents at Sanctioned Campsites Aug. 1, SacBee,July 31, 2023 Sacramento City Council to Decide if City Manager has Authority Over New Shelter Sites, ABC-10, July 31, 2023 Sacramento City Council Expands Infrastructure List to Remove Homeless From, CBS, August 1, 2023 Juez Federal Ordena Suspender Desalojos de Indigentes en Sacramento, Telemundo-33, August 5, 2023 Crisis Humanitaria Por Indigentes Se Agrava en Sacramento, Telemundo-33, August 8, 2023 Sacramento: Crisis De Indigentes, Telemundo-33, August 9, 2023 87% of Domestic Violence Unreported for Sacramento County's Unhoused, ABC-10, August 10, 2023 Sacramento County Sheriff's Office Reveals Homelessness Statistics, FOX-40, August 10, 2023 Tiny Homes for Homeless Residents Set to Open in South Sacramento, ABC-10, August 14, 2023 Citrus Heights to Use Federal Funds to Hire a Full-time Navigator for Unhoused Residents, FOX-40, August 22, 2023 Music, Homelessness & Transportation Funding Focus of Sacramento Mayor's State of the City Tour, Capital Public Radio, August 25, 2023 Sacramento City Leaders Respond to Grand Jury Report on Homelessness, FOX-40, September 5, 2023 Developer Cash & Housing Crisis Equal the Filthy Rich of Sacramento Politics, SN&R, September 14, 2023 Public Safety Signs Installed to Stop Illegal Camping, FOX-40, September 14, 2023 Sacramento County DA Files Lawsuit Against City of Sacramento, Alleging Inaction on Homelessness, KCRA-3, September 19, 2023 "Inseguro Para Cualquiera": Residentes, Activistas y Autorides Frente a Crisis de Indigencia,Telemundo Sacramento, September 21, 2023 A Story Untold: How Officials, An Outside Group & Dozens of Workers Losing Their Jobs Staved Off A 'Human Catastrophe' in Sacramento, SN&R, September 22, 2023 Sacramento Business Owner Takes On Homeless Issues Near Properties, ABC-10, September 22, 2023 Sacramento City Council to No Longer Accept Phone Comments, ABC-10, September 22, 2023 CA Homeless Crisis: Conservatorship Law Aims to be Answer, ABC-10, October 10, 2023 Gavin Newsom Promised 350 Tiny Homes for Sacramento's Homeless This Fall. So Where Are They?, SacBee, October 11, 2023 How Section 8 Vouchers Fail Sacramento's Unhoused. One Woman Has Waited 14 Years for Housing, SacBee, October 12, 2023 Gov. Newsom Signs Behavioral Health Bills Into Law, FOX-40, October 12, 2023 Sacramento's X Street Shelter has Served Nearly 800 People. But Finding Them Housing Is A Bigger Challenge, Capitol Public Radio, November 6, 2023 Heat, Floods and City Sweeps: The Reality of Being Unhoused in Sacramento's Extreme Weather, SacBee, November 14, 2023 Police Identify Man Killed in K Street Stabbing, ABC-10, November 15, 2023 Sacramentos District Attorney Threatens Criminal Charges Over Cleaning Streets After CA Rushes to Transform San Francisco for Chinas Xi, New York Sun, November 20, 2023 New Data Details Violence Against Unhoused in Sacramento County, KCRA, November 21, 2023 CA Launches New Effort to Clear Homeless Camps from State Roads, CBS, November 27, 2023 Sacramento City Attorney Clashes with District Attorney on Homeless Crisis, ABC10, November 28, 2023 $300M in Funding Unlocked to Clear Homeless Encampments in CA, FOX40, November 28, 2023 Sacramento Region Eyes New Round of Homeless Encampment Funds, Capitol Public Radio, November 29, 2023

  • Campaign Sign Up | srceh-

    CONTACT US CALL US: W: 916-993-7708 M: 916-889-4367 EMAIL US: Bob Erlenbusch, Executive Director Jeremy Racik 'Food Equity Organizer Sacramento Hunger Coalition ​FIND US: 1331 Garden Highway, Suite 100 Sacramento, CA 95833 NEIGHBORHOOD YIMBY COUNCIL CAMPAIGN SIGN-UP FORM Name Organization Phone Email Sacramento City Council District - if you know it- Address Message Your details were sent successfully! Send

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    SIGN UP FOR ACTION ALERTS AND SRCEH MONTHLY E-NEWS Name Email Organization Phone Subject Message Your details were sent successfully! Send

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    CONTACT US: CONTACT FORM Name Email Phone Organization Subject Message Thanks! Message sent. Send CALL US: M: 916-889-4367 EMAIL US: Bob Erlenbusch, Executive Director ​MAILING ADDRESS: 1026 Florin Road #349 Sacramento, CA 95831

  • Sacramento Regional Coalition to End Homelessness

    The 2022 Point in Time Count estimated 9,300 people experiencing homelessness at a point in time in Sacramento County, while Sacramento Steps Forward estimates between 16,500 - 20,000 people experiencing homelessness in the County on an annual basis - with at least 70% being unsheltered. This is double the number of our unhoused neighbors in 2019, both as a point in time as well as on an annual basis. The County Park Rangers in 2018 issued 2,058 camping citations and closed 5,639 camps. This failed "Whack A Mole" Strategy creates significant housing and employment barriers for people experiencing homelessness Your Mom or Dad? Your sister or brother? Your son or daughter? Your next door neighbor? The 2022 Point in Time Count estimated 9,300 people experiencing homelessness at a point in time in Sacramento County, while Sacramento Steps Forward estimates between 16,500 - 20,000 people experiencing homelessness in the County on an annual basis - with at least 70% being unsheltered. This is double the number of our unhoused neighbors in 2019, both as a point in time as well as on an annual basis. 1/11 MEMORIAL FLIER THE MYTH OF PEOPLE EXPERIENCING HOMELESSNESS REFUSING SERVICES 69 Services Refused out of 1,961 Offered: 3.5% Refusal Rate: May - August 2023 Based on City-County Partnership Agreement: Enforcement of Measure O Monthly Progress Reports 2023 SERVICE REFUSAL FACT SHEET SRCEH'S CITY & COUNTY HOMELESS CRIMINALIZATION & SERVICES DASHBOARD If you are homeless - please call 211 and use the resources in the People's Guide ​ Mailing address: SRCEH 1026 Florin Road, #349, Sacramento, CA 95831 916-889-4367

  • Health Equity | srceh-

    HEALTH EQUITY Advocacy Priorities: Organize to create the Treatment on Demand Alliance - a broad, inclusive coalition of stakeholders to advocate for the County Board of Supervisors to fund a Treatment on Demand program, as part of the City-County Homelessness Partnership Agreement; ​ Continue to participate in Public Health Advocates First Response Transformation Campaign's Equity Advisory Committee; ​ Zero Tolerance Policy for institutions [hospitals, jail, foster care system, shelters] discharging people "to the streets;" ​ Monitor the implementation of SB1152: Hospital Patient Discharge Process: Homeless Patients [effective 1/1/2019]; ​ Continue to participate in the County's Methamphetamine Coalition; ​ Continue to advocate for the expansion of respite or recuperation care beds in Sacramento County; ​ Advocacy for new County jail discharge procedures for homeless people with mental health issues - modeled after Los Angeles County; ​ ​ ​ ​ Annually research, produce and disseminate the Sacramento County Homeless Deaths Report Link to Homeless Deaths Reports

  • Supporters | srceh-

    SUPPORTERS: Founding & Supporting Organizational Members ($1,000 contribution) Foundations, Financial Institutions & Government


    FACT SHEETS & PUBLICATIONS HOMELESSNESS Overview & Demographics Myths & Facts Economic Justice Education of Homeless Children Health Equity Homeless Civil Rights Homeless Enviornmental Justice Systemic Racism Violence HUNGER & FOOD INSECURITY HOUSING

  • Health Equity | srceh-

    HEALTH EQUITY FACT SHEETS County Substance Abuse Overdose Deaths: 2023 Emergency Room Utilization: 2017 Health Care & Health Insurance Heat Index, Air Quality & Health Issues of Homeless People Hospital by Ambulance: 2017 SB1152: Hospital Patient Discharge Process: Homeless Patients "Service Resistant:" Adverse Childhood Experiences; Trauma Informed Care PUBLICATIONS Dignity Denied: Lack of Access to Public Bathrooms Homeless Patient Dumping: Discharge to the Streets Trauma - Unsheltered & Sheltered Homeless People HOMELESS DEATHS REPORTS 2022 Mid-Year Homeless Deaths Report 2022 Infographic 2021 Homeless Deaths Report 2021 Infographic 2020 Homeless Deaths Report 2020 Infographic 2019 Homeless Deaths Report 2018 Homeless Deaths Report 2017 Homeless Deaths Report 2016 Homeless Deaths Report 2002 - 2014 Homeless Deaths Report

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