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  • Sacramento Regional Coalition to End Homelessness

    The 2022 Point in Time Count estimated 9,300 people experiencing homelessness at a point in time in Sacramento County, while Sacramento Steps Forward estimates between 16,500 - 20,000 people experiencing homelessness in the County on an annual basis - with at least 70% being unsheltered. This is double the number of our unhoused neighbors in 2019, both as a point in time as well as on an annual basis. The County Park Rangers in 2018 issued 2,058 camping citations and closed 5,639 camps. This failed "Whack A Mole" Strategy creates significant housing and employment barriers for people experiencing homelessness Your Mom or Dad? Your sister or brother? Your son or daughter? Your next door neighbor? The 2022 Point in Time Count estimated 9,300 people experiencing homelessness at a point in time in Sacramento County, while Sacramento Steps Forward estimates between 16,500 - 20,000 people experiencing homelessness in the County on an annual basis - with at least 70% being unsheltered. This is double the number of our unhoused neighbors in 2019, both as a point in time as well as on an annual basis. 1/11 URGENT: CAMP RESOLUTION UNDER THREAT OF EVICTION BY THE CITY OF SACRAMENTO Camp Resolution, a local self-governed encampment is under threat of eviction by the City, despite a signed lease by the City and residents, that the City would not close the encampment until all the residents were placed in "safe, dignified housing." LINK TO 2024 INFORMATIONAL UPDATE LINK TO PETITION IN SUPPORT OF CAMP RESOLUTION NEW 2024 SACRAMENTO COUNTY FACT SHEET ON HOUSING AFFORDABILITY FOR RENTERS & OWNERS LINK TO FACT SHEET SRCEH'S CITY & COUNTY HOMELESS CRIMINALIZATION & SERVICES DASHBOARD Note: In October the City changed their reporting of services - to only enrollment, referrals and rapid placement [Miller Park Safe Ground] If you are homeless - please call 211 and then #8 and download the 2023-24 Peoples Guide to Health, Welfare & Other Services: Sacramento City & County: Or scan the QR code below using your phone's camera The Guide is a directory & self-advocacy guide to the following services:​ Sponsored by: Mailing address: SRCEH 1026 Florin Road, #349, Sacramento, CA 95831

  • Board of Directors & Staff | srceh-

    BOARD OF DIRECTORS Tim Brown, Board President, Homeless Advocate Ken Cross, Ken Cross Consulting Bob Erlenbusch, Homeless Advocate Dr. Ethan Evans, PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor, Division of Social Work, CSUS Grace Loescher, Director of Programs, Waking the Village and Director, Creation District STAFF Niki Jones, Executive Director: Grace Loescher, Communications Director:

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    CONTACT US: CONTACT FORM Name Email Phone Organization Subject Message Thanks! Message sent. Send EMAIL US: Niki Jones, Executive Director Grace Loescher, Communications Director ​MAILING ADDRESS: 1026 Florin Road #349 Sacramento, CA 95831

  • Hunger | srceh-

    HUNGER FACT SHEETS Food Insecurity In Sacramento: 2018 Hunger Among Students K-12 in Sacramento: 2018 Student Hunger Across CSU System: 2018 PUBLICATIONS A Primer on the Restaurant Meals Program Homeless Nutrition Education Toolkit Hunger Hits Home: 2012

  • Homeless Civil Rights | srceh-

    HOMELESS CIVIL RIGHTS FACT SHEETS Law Enforcement & Incarceration Park Rangers: Criminalization Fact Sheet: Updated: 3/2014 - 11/2017 PUBLICATIONS Designs Against Humanity: Hostile or Anti-Homeless Architecture Access Denied! Survey of homeless providers on impact of citations Cruel & Unusual Punishment: Sacramento Homeless Criminalization Report: 2015 - 2016

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  • SRCEH In the News | srceh-

    SRCEH IN THE NEWS: 2024 1/10 Thirty Percent of Sacramentans Told Census They're Spending Half Their Income on Rent, SN&R, January 5, 2024 Shelter and Service Site Set to Open Next Week for Homeless In Sacramento, CBS 13, January 5, 2024 As Homeless Deaths Rise in Chico, Who's Keeping Track?, North State Public Radio, January 8, 2024 California's Unhoused in the Eye of the Storm, CalMatters, January 10, 2024 Additional Ways of Involuntarily Committing Those with Mental Illness will be Tested in Sacramento & Beyond, SN&R, January 12, 2024 Concerns Grow Over Sacramento Homeless Starting Fires for Warmth, ABC10, January 12, 2024 Sacramento City Officials Tables Discussion Over Daytime Camping Ban, FOX40, January 16, 2024 Volunteers Still Needed for Sacramento's Homeless Point-In-Time Count, SN&R, January 17, 2024 Homelessness is On the CA Ballot This March. Will Conditions Change on the Streets?, CalMatters, January 18, 2024 A Record 250 Homeless People Died in Sacramento in 2022. The Trend Will Likely Continue, SacBee, January 24, 2024 Sacramento County Reports 250 Homeless Deaths in 2022, ABC10, January 25, 2024 Sacramento Continues 'Point-In-Time' Count, FOX40, January 25, 2024 California Homelessness: How Bad Is It? CalMatters, January 26, 2024 Sacramento Abandoning Plans for Homeless Parking Site, FOX40, January 26, 2024 Incrementa Numero de Indigentes Que Mueren al Ano, Telenmundo33, January 26, 2024 Fentanyl, Homelessness, Violent Crime Highlights in Thien Ho's 1st Address, KCRA, January 31, 2024 Senate Bill 1101 Would Allow CA Homeless Encampment Ban, KCRA, February 6, 2024 Why Did Sacramento Take this Woman's Family Photo and Childhood Bible in a Homeless Sweep?, SacBee, February 9, 2024 Coordinated Access System Creates One 'Front Door' for Sacramentans In Need of Shelter, SN&R, February 27, 2024 Rio Linda Blvd. Homeless Encampment Has Neighbors Fed Up, ABC10, March 11, 2024 Sweeps Are Elephant in the Room As Sacramento City, County Officials Discuss Homeless Crisis, SacBee, March 12, 2024 Construction Begins on Sleeping Cabins in South Sacramento, KCRA, March 20, 2024 Homeless Man Charged With Hate Crime in Folsom Attack CBS, March 21, 2024 Advocates Assert That Sweeps of Sacramento's Homeless Camps Hinder the Ability to Provide Healthcare, SN&R, April 4, 2024 Audit: CA Lacking Data on Effectiveness on Homelessness Spending, ABC10, April 10, 2024 Sacramento 'Camp Resolution' Site for Homeless Community Forced to Shut Down, FOX40, April 11, 2024 Video Shows SUV Jumping Sidewalk, Hitting 3 Pedestrians in Sacramento, CBS, April 15, 2024 U.S. Supreme Court Case That Could Impact CA Homelessness Policies, ABC10, April 19, 2024 Sacramento Reacts to Homeless Case In Front of US Supreme Court, KCRA3, April 22, 2024 Are Homeless Camping Bans 'Cruel and Unusual'? U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments, ABC10, April 22, 2024 Supreme Court Skeptical of Laws Against Unhoused People Camping. CA Officials Await Decision, SacBee, April 22, 2024 Sacramento Restaurant Owner Says Homeless Encampment Hurting Business, ABC10, April 30, 2024

  • Join SRCEH's Home Team | srceh-

    BECOME A MONTHLY SUSTAINER: JOIN SRCEH's HOME TEAM JOIN THE FIGHT TO END & PREVENT HOMELESSNESS: BECOME A SUSTAINING MEMBER OF SRCEH'S HOME TEAM HOUSING IS A HUMAN RIGHT WHY BECOME A MONTHLY SUSTAINER? EVERY HOME NEEDS A STRONG FOUNDATION Your sustained monthly gift allows SRCEH to budget based on predictable, consistent income. This stability allows us to focus on what really matters - end homelessness for our unhoused neighbors Monthly giving allows you, a member of our Home Team, to invest in SRCEH what makes sense for you and your family. It is fast, easy, manageable. One time set-up on SRCEH's Pay Pal account and you have invested in social change. When you are a member of our Home Team, you are joining a growing network of people whose monthly giving supports SRCEH's mission of end & preventing homelessness Levels of Home Team Support: Advocate: $10/month Justice: $25/month Equity: $50/month Community Builder: $100/month Link to become a Monthly Sustainer & Member of SRCEH's Home Team

  • Neighborhood YIMBY Campaign | srceh-

    Join SRCEH's 2019 Neighborhood YIMBY Council's Campaign: Focus is Sacramento City Campaign Overview 100 Tracker Campaign Toolkit Campaign Sign Up

  • FACT SHEETS | srceh-

    FACT SHEETS & PUBLICATIONS Overview: Homelessness in Sacramento County: 2022 Myths & Facts Criminalization of Homeless People Ethnicity/Race: Homeless People of Color Health Care Homelesss Employment Homelesss Students Homelesss Seniors Safe Parking Program Systemic Racism Violence Against Homeless People

  • Myths vs Facts | srceh-

    The Myth of Homeless People Refusing Services Fact Sheet Homelessness: Myths vs Facts: PDF Homeless Programs & Housing: Myths vs Facts: PDF

  • Housing | srceh-

    HOUSING FACT SHEETS Housing Inventory Count [HIC] [Emergency; Transitional; Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)] Sacramento CoC: 2020 - 2023 LINK TO HIC EMERGENCY SHELTER FACT SHEET LINK TO HIC TRANSITIONAL HOUSING FACT SHEET LINK TO HIC PSH FACT SHEET

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