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Advocacy Priorities:

  • Organize to create the Treatment on Demand Alliance - a broad, inclusive coalition of stakeholders to advocate for the County Board of Supervisors to fund a Treatment on Demand program, as part of the City-County Homelessness Partnership Agreement;

  • Continue to participate in Public Health Advocates First Response Transformation Campaign's Equity Advisory Committee;

  • Zero Tolerance Policy for institutions [hospitals, jail, foster care system, shelters] discharging people "to the streets;"

  • Monitor the implementation of SB1152: Hospital Patient Discharge Process: Homeless Patients [effective 1/1/2019]; 

  • Continue to participate in the County's Methamphetamine Coalition;

  • Continue to advocate for the expansion of respite or recuperation care beds in Sacramento County;

  • Advocacy for new County jail discharge procedures for homeless people with mental health issues - modeled after Los Angeles County;

  • Annually research, produce and disseminate the Sacramento County Homeless Deaths Report

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