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Advocacy Priorities:

Permanent, Affordable & Accessible Housing: Advocacy priorities:

  • Monitor the Implementation of the City - County Homelessness Partnership Agreement

  • Campaign to include in the Partnership Agreement:  [1] Community Implementation Oversight Committee and [2] Creation of an Independent Ombudsperson Program

  • Campaign for the City and County to declare a "Human Right to Housing"

  • Track the implementation of Measure U:  ensure accountability  to the community to expand funding for homeless shelters and expand the source[s] of funding for the City & County affordable housing trust fund;


  • Advocate for the passage of a dedicated source of revenue for a state affordable housing trust fund;


  • Protect the remaining Single Room Occupancy [SRO] hotels and their low-income residents that are within 6 blocks of the proposed Kings Arena;


  • Restore the funding to the Housing Voucher program - Call on Congress NOW to restore full funding



Drop In Center, Respite Center, Emergency Shelter & Transitional Housing


  • Fund a weekend Drop-in Center where homeless people can be safe, have access to bathrooms, showers, food, storage facilties for food and medicine;


  • Fund SafeGround; Safe Parking and other safety options for homeless people;


  • Fund Year Round/24-7 Respite Center [warming; cooling and clean air];


  • Expand funding for emergency shelters - for youth; homeless females and people with disabilities 

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