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  • Supporters | srceh-

    SUPPORTERS: 10 Monthly Sustainers and 188 Donors Founding & Supporting Organizational Members ($1,000 contribution) Foundations, Financial Institutions & Government

  • Homeless Civil Rights | srceh-

    HOMELESS CIVIL RIGHTS Advocacy Priorities: ​ ​​ Campaign to limit the City's and County's Ban of homeless people being within 500 feet of "critical infrastructure" project ; ​ Partner with civil rights lawyers to challenge the constitutionality of Measure O; ​ Campaign to pressure the City and Coun ty to stop towing homeless people's vehicles - and instead have the City and County fund a program where they partner with local mechanics to fix homeless peoples vehicles and bring their registration up to date; ​ Advocacy to include homelessness to Sacramento City's Non-Discrimination & Equality Municipal Code; ​ Stop the Law Enforcement Homeless Encampment Raids Campaign: SRCEH defines law enforcement sweeps as a range of activities from the informal “move along orders” that are often threatening i.e. “or else”; to the formal – the forcible removal of people and campsites including the destruction of people’s property, necessities for survival, valuables, personal documents including identification and sometimes medications. Finally, this includes towing homeless people’s vehicles and RV’s; ​ ​ ​Moratorium to the County's anti-camping ordinance until enough affordable housing units are created in our region. This would include protection of the property of homeless people seized by law enforcement; ​ Oppose any efforts to criminalize homeless people including anti-homeless laws such as anti-panhandling ordinances; ​ Continue to monitor Sacramento Park Rangers monthly anti-camping citations and homeless camps closed; ​ ​ Continue to facilitate the Sacramento Services Not Sweeps Coalition ​ Continue to participate in National House Keys Not Handcuffs Campaign ​ ​​ 10 REASONS TO SUPPORT THE MORATORIUM ON ANTI-CAMPING ORDINANCE

  • Violence | srceh-

    VIOLENCE AGAINST PEOPLE EXPERIENCING HOMELESSNESS FACT SHEETS Violence Against Homeless People: 2017 Fact Sheet PUBLICATIONS Violence Against People who Are Homeless: The Hidden Epidemic

  • FACT SHEETS | srceh-

    FACT SHEETS & PUBLICATIONS Overview: Homelessness in Sacramento County: 2022 Myths & Facts Criminalization of Homeless People Ethnicity/Race: Homeless People of Color Health Care Homelesss Employment Homelesss Students Homelesss Seniors Safe Parking Program Systemic Racism Violence Against Homeless People

  • Myths vs Facts | srceh-

    The Myth of Homeless People Refusing Services Fact Sheet Homelessness: Myths vs Facts: PDF Homeless Programs & Housing: Myths vs Facts: PDF

  • Toolkit | srceh-

    SRCEH's 2019 Neighborhood YIMBY Council's Campaign Toolkit Myths vs. Facts Take the Cringe Test Transforming "No" to "Yes"

  • PUBLICATIONS | srceh-

    PUBLICATIONS REPORT CARD: City-County Partnership Agreement Comparison fo 1999 & 2023 Studies on Homelessness Hostile or Anti-Homeless Architecture 2023 Homeless Employment Report 2022 Homeless Deaths Report 2021 Homeless Deaths Report 2020 Homeless Deaths Report 2019 Homeless Deaths Report 2018 Homeless Deaths Report Homeless Have Nowhere to Go...Literally: Lack of Access to Bathrooms 2018 Homeless Patient Dumping Report & Recommendations 2017 Sacramento County Homeless Deaths Report 2016 Homeless Employment Report Sacramento Homeless Deaths Report: 2015 SRCEH Analysis of County Cost of Homelessness Report [2014-15] Access Denied! Survey of homeless providers on impact of citations SRCEH Fact Checking City Response to Protesters SRCEH Analysis of City "Cost of Homelessness Report" SRCEH Critique of "Functional Zero" Cruel & Unusual Punishment: Sacramento Homeless Criminalization Report: 2015 - 2016 Sacramento County Homeless Deaths Report: 2002 -2013 with a 2014 Update Sacramento Homeless Deaths Report: 2002 - 2013 Homeless Employment Report: 2010

  • Guiding Principles | srceh-

    FOUNDING GUIDING PRINCIPLE In order to promote equity, policymakers and the community must address the underlying issues of structural racism and its intersections with class, gender, gender identity sexual orientation, age disabilities and the political, economic and social structures that creates and perpetuates hunger, homelessness, the lack of accessible and affordable housing and disinvestment in neighborhoods of color ​ GUIDING PRINCIPLES We can end and prevent homelessness We - public policymakers and the community - must address the underlying issues of structural racism and its intersections with class, gender, gender identify, sexual orientation, age, disabilities, and the political, economic and social structures that create hunger, homelessness, the lack of decent affordable housing, and disinvestment in neighborhoods of color We declare that safe, decent, affordable and accessible housing, healthy food and access to quality healthcare are basic human rights We believe that people experiencing homelessness should not be criminalized, or otherwise deprived of their rights, due to their lack of stable housing We believe that coalition-building with community members and public education are effective catalysts for change We believe that currently and formerly homeless people must be active and equal participants in all decision making bodies that address the crisis of homelessness

  • Board of Directors & Staff | srceh-

    BOARD OF DIRECTORS Tim Brown, Board President, Homeless Advocate Ken Cross, Ken Cross Consulting Bob Erlenbusch, Homeless Advocate Dr. Ethan Evans, PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor, Division of Social Work, CSUS Grace Loescher, Director of Programs, Waking the Village and Director, Creation District STAFF Niki Jones, Executive Director: Grace Loescher, Communications Director:

  • Health Equity | srceh-

    HEALTH EQUITY FACT SHEETS County Substance Abuse Overdose Deaths: 2023 Health Care & Health Insurance Heat Index, Air Quality & Health Issues of Homeless People SB1152: Hospital Patient Discharge Process: Homeless Patients "Service Resistant:" Adverse Childhood Experiences; Trauma Informed Care PUBLICATIONS Dignity Denied: Lack of Access to Public Bathrooms Homeless Patient Dumping: Discharge to the Streets Trauma - Unsheltered & Sheltered Homeless People HOMELESS DEATHS REPORTS 2022 Mid-Year Homeless Deaths Report 2022 Infographic 2021 Homeless Deaths Report 2021 Infographic 2020 Homeless Deaths Report 2020 Infographic

  • Education of Homeless Children | srceh-

    EDUCATION OF HOMELESS CHILDREN & YOUTH FACT SHEETS Student Homelessness in Sacramento: 2022 Fact Sheet Student Homelessness in Sacramento CoC: 2006 - 2022

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