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  • Health Equity | srceh-

    HEALTH EQUITY FACT SHEETS County Substance Abuse Overdose Deaths: 2023 Health Care & Health Insurance Heat Index, Air Quality & Health Issues of Homeless People SB1152: Hospital Patient Discharge Process: Homeless Patients "Service Resistant:" Adverse Childhood Experiences; Trauma Informed Care PUBLICATIONS Dignity Denied: Lack of Access to Public Bathrooms Homeless Patient Dumping: Discharge to the Streets Trauma - Unsheltered & Sheltered Homeless People HOMELESS DEATHS REPORTS 2022 Mid-Year Homeless Deaths Report 2022 Infographic 2021 Homeless Deaths Report 2021 Infographic 2020 Homeless Deaths Report 2020 Infographic

  • Board of Directors & Staff | srceh-

    BOARD OF DIRECTORS Tim Brown, Board President, Homeless Advocate Ken Cross, Ken Cross Consulting Dr. Susanna Curry, PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor, Division of Social Work, CSUS Dr. Ethan Evans, PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor, Division of Social Work, CSUS Bill Kennedy, Civil Rights Attorney Grace Loescher, Director of Programs, Waking the Village and Director, Creation District Amani Sawires, Chief Operating Officer, Sacramento's Children's Home Ané Watts, Homeless Advocate STAFF Bob Erlenbusch, Executive Director

  • Mission & History | srceh-

    MISSION to end and prevent homelessness in the Sacramento region through policy analysis, community education, civic engagement, collective organizing and advocacy HISTORY SRCEH was founded in July 2013, after Bob Erlenbusch, founder, met with key advocates in the community to determine their interest in being on a founding board & was well received. The current board represents people with lived experience of homelessness, civil rights attorneys, healthcare, homeless youth & housing advocates, direct service providers & the interfaith community. The first board meeting was held September, 2013. SRCEH received an initial capacity building grant of $7500 from the Sierra Health Foundation in December, 2013. SRCEH received its nonprofit status in April, 2014.

  • Housing Justice | srceh-

    HOUSING JUSTICE Advocacy Priorities: Permanent, Affordable & Accessible Housing: Advocacy priorities: Monitor the Implementation of the City - County Homelessness Partnership Agreement ​ Campaign to include in the Partnership Agreement: [1] Community Implementation Oversight Committee and [2] Creation of an Independent Ombudsperson Program ​ Campaign for the City and County to declare a "Human Right to Housing" ​ ​ Track the implementation of Measure U: ensure accountability to the community to expand funding for homeless shelters and expand the source[s] of funding for the City & County affordable housing trust fund; Advocate for the passage of a dedicated source of revenue for a state affordable housing trust fund; Protect the remaining Single Room Occupancy [SRO] hotels and their low-income residents that are within 6 blocks of the proposed Kings Arena; Restore the funding to the Housing Voucher program - Call on Congress NOW to restore full funding Drop In Center, Respite Center, Emergency Shelter & Transitional Housing Fund a weekend Drop-in Center where homeless people can be safe, have access to bathrooms, showers, food, storage facilties for food and medicine; Fund SafeGround; Safe Parking and other safety options for homeless people; Fund Year Round/24-7 Respite Center [warming; cooling and clean air]; Expand funding for emergency shelters - for youth; homeless females and people with disabilities

  • Education of Homeless Children | srceh-

    EDUCATION OF HOMELESS CHILDREN & YOUTH FACT SHEETS Student Homelessness in Sacramento: 2022 Fact Sheet Student Homelessness in Sacramento CoC: 2006 - 2022

  • Overview: Homelessness in Sacramento | srceh-

    OVERVIEW OF HOMELESSNESS IN SACRAMENTO & DEMOGRAPHICS OVERVIEW Overview: Homelessness in Sacramento County: 2022 SRCEH Analysis of City "Cost of Homelessness Report" SRCEH Analysis of County "Cost of Homelessness Report" SRCEH Critique of "Functional Zero" Sacramento: Main Reasons for Homelessness: 2017 DEMOGRAPHICS Youth Homelessness in Sacramento: 2023 Fact Sheet Ethnicity/Race: Homeless People of Color: 2018 Homelesss Seniors

  • Membership | srceh-

    MEMBERSHIP LINK TO MEMBERSHIP FORM MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Advocacy & Public Policy: We work directly with our members to advocate for the policy agenda developed by our members. Additionally, we provided our members several opportunities a year to meet with our elected officials on the issues of homelessness Advocacy & Policy Alerts: We make sure our members stay informed on the latest developments at the local, state and national levels through advocacy and action alerts Education & Networking: We sponsor trainings and workshops to give our members the opportunity to remain on the cutting edge of developments in the field Grassroots Action Research We provide members with periodic fact sheets and grassroots action research publications

  • Homeless Youth | srceh-


  • Supporters | srceh-

    SUPPORTERS: 10 Monthly Sustainers and 188 Donors Founding & Supporting Organizational Members ($1,000 contribution) Foundations, Financial Institutions & Government

  • Hunger | srceh-

    HUNGER FACT SHEETS Food Insecurity In Sacramento: 2018 Hunger Among Students K-12 in Sacramento: 2018 Student Hunger Across CSU System: 2018 PUBLICATIONS A Primer on the Restaurant Meals Program Homeless Nutrition Education Toolkit Hunger Hits Home: 2012

  • Violence | srceh-

    VIOLENCE AGAINST PEOPLE EXPERIENCING HOMELESSNESS FACT SHEETS Violence Against Homeless People: 2017 Fact Sheet PUBLICATIONS Violence Against People who Are Homeless: The Hidden Epidemic

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