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  • Education of Homeless Children | srceh-

    EDUCATION OF HOMELESS CHILDREN & YOUTH FACT SHEETS Student Homelessness in Sacramento: 2022 Fact Sheet Student Homelessness in Sacramento CoC: 2006 - 2022

  • Health Equity | srceh-

    HEALTH EQUITY Advocacy Priorities: Organize to create the Treatment on Demand Alliance - a broad, inclusive coalition of stakeholders to advocate for the County Board of Supervisors to fund a Treatment on Demand program, as part of the City-County Homelessness Partnership Agreement; ​ Continue to participate in Public Health Advocates First Response Transformation Campaign's Equity Advisory Committee; ​ Zero Tolerance Policy for institutions [hospitals, jail, foster care system, shelters] discharging people "to the streets;" ​ Monitor the implementation of SB1152: Hospital Patient Discharge Process: Homeless Patients [effective 1/1/2019]; ​ Continue to participate in the County's Methamphetamine Coalition; ​ Continue to advocate for the expansion of respite or recuperation care beds in Sacramento County; ​ Advocacy for new County jail discharge procedures for homeless people with mental health issues - modeled after Los Angeles County; ​ ​ ​ ​ Annually research, produce and disseminate the Sacramento County Homeless Deaths Report

  • Campaign Overview | srceh-

    SRCEH's 2019 Neighborhood YIMBY Council's Campaign Background Homeless Crisis; Mayor's Challenge & SRCEH's Response ​ Homeless Crisis: Sacramento County has between 7,500 - 10,000 people experiencing homelessness on an annual basis. This includes: 13,000 homeless students, K-12 grade, in Sacramento County school districts- roughly 12% or 1,000 are homeless in the streets or in shelters while 88% are live in doubled up living situations; 3,500 homeless college students at Sacramento State University; 1,000 unaccompanied youth - 40% of whom identify as LGBTQ; 25% of the homeless population are over 50 years of age; 56% are living outside due to lack of emergency shelter and affordable and accessible housing ​ Mayor's Challenge: Mayor Steinberg has challenged each city councilmember to site at least 100 emergency shelter beds in their district, or a combination of shelter beds and tiny homes - for a total of at least 800 new emergency shelter beds to keep homeless people safe. ​ SRCEH's Response: SRCEH knows that City Council members will face a combination of NIMBY [Not in My Backyard]; CAVE [Citizens Against Virtually Everything] and Banana [Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything] mentalities. ​ Our goal is to sign up at least 100 community members in each of the 8 city council districts forming 8 Neighborhood YIMBY Councils - for our 2019 Neighborhood YIMBY Council's Campaign - to educate our city councilmembers that there are hundreds of community members who want to address our homeless crisis with proactive and positive responses and say..... YES! to homeless programs and affordable and accessible housing. ​ Yes! to neighborhood equity, inclusion, fair share and collective responsibility in holding our elected officials accountable ​ Collective Responsibility 5 Campaign Principles Equity Inclusion Fair Share Collective Responsibility Accountability

  • Hunger | srceh-

    HUNGER FACT SHEETS Food Insecurity In Sacramento: 2018 Hunger Among Students K-12 in Sacramento: 2018 Student Hunger Across CSU System: 2018 PUBLICATIONS A Primer on the Restaurant Meals Program Homeless Nutrition Education Toolkit Hunger Hits Home: 2012

  • Sacramento Regional Coalition to End Homelessness

    2024 ISSUES & CAMPAIGNS STAY UP TO DATE: SIGN UP FOR ACTION ALERTS Economic Justice Education of Homeless Children & Youth Health Equity Homeless Civil Rights Homeless Environmental Justice Alliance Housing Justice You Don't Need a Home to Vote

  • You Don't Need a Home to Vote | srceh-

    YOU DON'T NEED A HOME TO VOTE Homeless Voter Registration Voter Education GOTV! Get Out the Vote Request a training Link to National Coalition for the Homeless Manual

  • 100 Tracker | srceh-

    100 Tracker Tracking progress on 100 emergency shelter beds in each Council District Live in Sacramento City but not sure who your councilmember is? Find out here District 1: CM Ashby District 2: CM Warren District 3: CM Harris District 4: CM Hansen District 5: CM Schenirer District 6: CM Guerra District 7: CM Jennings District 8: CM Carr

  • Homeless Civil Rights | srceh-

    HOMELESS CIVIL RIGHTS Advocacy Priorities: ​ ​​ Campaign to limit the City's and County's Ban of homeless people being within 500 feet of "critical infrastructure" project ; ​ Partner with civil rights lawyers to challenge the constitutionality of Measure O; ​ Campaign to pressure the City and Coun ty to stop towing homeless people's vehicles - and instead have the City and County fund a program where they partner with local mechanics to fix homeless peoples vehicles and bring their registration up to date; ​ Advocacy to include homelessness to Sacramento City's Non-Discrimination & Equality Municipal Code; ​ Stop the Law Enforcement Homeless Encampment Raids Campaign: SRCEH defines law enforcement sweeps as a range of activities from the informal “move along orders” that are often threatening i.e. “or else”; to the formal – the forcible removal of people and campsites including the destruction of people’s property, necessities for survival, valuables, personal documents including identification and sometimes medications. Finally, this includes towing homeless people’s vehicles and RV’s; ​ ​ ​Moratorium to the County's anti-camping ordinance until enough affordable housing units are created in our region. This would include protection of the property of homeless people seized by law enforcement; ​ Oppose any efforts to criminalize homeless people including anti-homeless laws such as anti-panhandling ordinances; ​ Continue to monitor Sacramento Park Rangers monthly anti-camping citations and homeless camps closed; ​ ​ Continue to facilitate the Sacramento Services Not Sweeps Coalition ​ Continue to participate in National House Keys Not Handcuffs Campaign ​ ​​ 10 REASONS TO SUPPORT THE MORATORIUM ON ANTI-CAMPING ORDINANCE

  • FACT SHEETS | srceh-

    FACT SHEETS & PUBLICATIONS Overview: Homelessness in Sacramento County: 2022 Myths & Facts Criminalization of Homeless People Ethnicity/Race: Homeless People of Color Health Care Homelesss Employment Homelesss Students Homelesss Seniors Safe Parking Program Systemic Racism Violence Against Homeless People

  • DONATE | srceh-

    CLICK "DONATE" BELOW TO DONATE or JOIN SRCEH'S HOME TEAM SRCEH'S Secure Paypal Account JOIN THE FIGHT TO END & PREVENT HOMELESSNESS: BECOME A SUSTAINING MEMBER OF SRCEH'S HOME TEAM Levels of Home Team Support Advocate: $10/month Justice: $25/month Equity: $50/month Community Builder: $100/month Thank you for your supporting the social justice mission of SRCEH All donations are tax deductible. EIN #: 46-3175193 Donor Privacy Policy: SRCEH does not sell, share or trade donors' names or personal information. ​ For SRCEH's full donor privacy policy, visit

  • Annual Report | srceh-

    ANNUAL REPORTS 2014 Annual Report 2015 Annual Report 2016 Annual Report 2017 Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2019 Annual Report 2020 Annual Report 2021 Annual Report 2022 Annual Report 2023 Annual Report

  • Careers | srceh-

    Careers LINK TO EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR JOB DESCRIPTION Call 123-456-7890 Email Follow

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