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    MEMBERSHIP LINK TO MEMBERSHIP FORM MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Advocacy & Public Policy: We work directly with our members to advocate for the policy agenda developed by our members. Additionally, we provided our members several opportunities a year to meet with our elected officials on the issues of homelessness Advocacy & Policy Alerts: We make sure our members stay informed on the latest developments at the local, state and national levels through advocacy and action alerts Education & Networking: We sponsor trainings and workshops to give our members the opportunity to remain on the cutting edge of developments in the field Grassroots Action Research We provide members with periodic fact sheets and grassroots action research publications

  • Safe Parking Program | srceh-

    SAFE PARKING PROGRAM FACT SHEETS Fact Sheet: 2019 Point in Time Count Fact Sheet: Safe Parking Program Around Nation

  • Sacramento Regional Coalition to End Homelessness

    2024 ISSUES & CAMPAIGNS STAY UP TO DATE: SIGN UP FOR ACTION ALERTS Economic Justice Education of Homeless Children & Youth Health Equity Homeless Civil Rights Homeless Environmental Justice Alliance Housing Justice You Don't Need a Home to Vote

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    CLICK "DONATE" BELOW TO DONATE or JOIN SRCEH'S HOME TEAM SRCEH'S Secure Paypal Account JOIN THE FIGHT TO END & PREVENT HOMELESSNESS: BECOME A SUSTAINING MEMBER OF SRCEH'S HOME TEAM Levels of Home Team Support Advocate: $10/month Justice: $25/month Equity: $50/month Community Builder: $100/month Thank you for your supporting the social justice mission of SRCEH All donations are tax deductible. EIN #: 46-3175193 Donor Privacy Policy: SRCEH does not sell, share or trade donors' names or personal information. ​ For SRCEH's full donor privacy policy, visit

  • Education of Homeless Children & Youth | srceh-

    EDUCATION OF HOMELESS CHILDREN & YOUTH Advocacy Priorities Partner with local homeless youth advocates to advocate for public policies that will dramatically reduce the number of homeless children and youth in the Sacramento school districts. This includes expanding emergency shelter for youth; expanding affordable housing alternatives for youth; addressing the transportation needs of homeless students

  • Donor Privacy Policy | srceh-

    SRCEH DONOR PRIVACY POLICY SRCEH is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of all donors. ​ All information concerning donors or prospective donors, including their names, contact information, the names of their beneficiaries, the amount of their gift, etc. shall be kept strictly confidential by SRCEH staff, board of directors and volunteers, unless permission is obtained from donors to release such information. ​ SRCEH will not sell, share or trade our donor's names or personal information with any other entity, nor send mailings to our donors on behalf of other organizations.

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    CONTACT US CALL US: W: 916-993-7708 M: 916-889-4367 EMAIL US: Bob Erlenbusch, Executive Director Jeremy Racik 'Food Equity Organizer Sacramento Hunger Coalition ​FIND US: 1331 Garden Highway, Suite 100 Sacramento, CA 95833 NEIGHBORHOOD YIMBY COUNCIL CAMPAIGN SIGN-UP FORM Name Organization Phone Email Sacramento City Council District - if you know it- Address Message Your details were sent successfully! Send

  • Join SRCEH's Home Team | srceh-

    BECOME A MONTHLY SUSTAINER: JOIN SRCEH's HOME TEAM JOIN THE FIGHT TO END & PREVENT HOMELESSNESS: BECOME A SUSTAINING MEMBER OF SRCEH'S HOME TEAM HOUSING IS A HUMAN RIGHT WHY BECOME A MONTHLY SUSTAINER? EVERY HOME NEEDS A STRONG FOUNDATION Your sustained monthly gift allows SRCEH to budget based on predictable, consistent income. This stability allows us to focus on what really matters - end homelessness for our unhoused neighbors Monthly giving allows you, a member of our Home Team, to invest in SRCEH what makes sense for you and your family. It is fast, easy, manageable. One time set-up on SRCEH's Pay Pal account and you have invested in social change. When you are a member of our Home Team, you are joining a growing network of people whose monthly giving supports SRCEH's mission of end & preventing homelessness Levels of Home Team Support: Advocate: $10/month Justice: $25/month Equity: $50/month Community Builder: $100/month Link to become a Monthly Sustainer & Member of SRCEH's Home Team

  • Supporters | srceh-

    SUPPORTERS: 10 Monthly Sustainers and 188 Donors Founding & Supporting Organizational Members ($1,000 contribution) Foundations, Financial Institutions & Government

  • Homeless Civil Rights | srceh-

    HOMELESS CIVIL RIGHTS Advocacy Priorities: ​ ​​ Campaign to limit the City's and County's Ban of homeless people being within 500 feet of "critical infrastructure" project ; ​ Partner with civil rights lawyers to challenge the constitutionality of Measure O; ​ Campaign to pressure the City and Coun ty to stop towing homeless people's vehicles - and instead have the City and County fund a program where they partner with local mechanics to fix homeless peoples vehicles and bring their registration up to date; ​ Advocacy to include homelessness to Sacramento City's Non-Discrimination & Equality Municipal Code; ​ Stop the Law Enforcement Homeless Encampment Raids Campaign: SRCEH defines law enforcement sweeps as a range of activities from the informal “move along orders” that are often threatening i.e. “or else”; to the formal – the forcible removal of people and campsites including the destruction of people’s property, necessities for survival, valuables, personal documents including identification and sometimes medications. Finally, this includes towing homeless people’s vehicles and RV’s; ​ ​ ​Moratorium to the County's anti-camping ordinance until enough affordable housing units are created in our region. This would include protection of the property of homeless people seized by law enforcement; ​ Oppose any efforts to criminalize homeless people including anti-homeless laws such as anti-panhandling ordinances; ​ Continue to monitor Sacramento Park Rangers monthly anti-camping citations and homeless camps closed; ​ ​ Continue to facilitate the Sacramento Services Not Sweeps Coalition ​ Continue to participate in National House Keys Not Handcuffs Campaign ​ ​​ 10 REASONS TO SUPPORT THE MORATORIUM ON ANTI-CAMPING ORDINANCE

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