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  • Board of Directors & Staff | srceh-

    BOARD OF DIRECTORS Tim Brown, Board President, Homeless Advocate Ken Cross, Ken Cross Consulting Dr. Susanna Curry, PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor, Division of Social Work, CSUS Bill Kennedy, Civil Rights Attorney Grace Loescher, Director of Programs, Waking the Village and Director, Creation District Gabriella Salazar, Board Secretary-Treasurer, Campus Director, Emergency Bridge Housing, First Steps Communities Amani Sawires, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Volunteers of America, Norther CA and Northern Nevada Ané Watts, Homeless Advocate STAFF Bob Erlenbusch, Executive Director

  • Safe Parking Program | srceh-

    SAFE PARKING PROGRAM FACT SHEETS Fact Sheet: 2019 Point in Time Count Fact Sheet: Safe Parking Program Around Nation

  • Homeless Environmental Justice Alliance | srceh-

    HOMELESS ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE ALLIANCE Advocacy Priorities: 4 Common Sense Solutions to Sanitation Issues 1. Portland-style Loos &Mobile Bathroom program 2. Hand sanitizing stations 3. Mobile Shower Program 4. Trash receptacles & Mobile Encampment Trash Pick Up Program Link to Dignity Denied Report

  • Homeless Civil Rights | srceh-

    HOMELESS CIVIL RIGHTS Advocacy Priorities: ​ ​​ Campaign to limit the City's and County's Ban of homeless people being within 500 feet of "critical infrastructure" project ; ​ Partner with civil rights lawyers to challenge the constitutionality of Measure O; ​ Campaign to pressure the City and Coun ty to stop towing homeless people's vehicles - and instead have the City and County fund a program where they partner with local mechanics to fix homeless peoples vehicles and bring their registration up to date; ​ Advocacy to include homelessness to Sacramento City's Non-Discrimination & Equality Municipal Code; ​ Stop the Law Enforcement Homeless Encampment Raids Campaign: SRCEH defines law enforcement sweeps as a range of activities from the informal “move along orders” that are often threatening i.e. “or else”; to the formal – the forcible removal of people and campsites including the destruction of people’s property, necessities for survival, valuables, personal documents including identification and sometimes medications. Finally, this includes towing homeless people’s vehicles and RV’s; ​ ​ ​Moratorium to the County's anti-camping ordinance until enough affordable housing units are created in our region. This would include protection of the property of homeless people seized by law enforcement; ​ Oppose any efforts to criminalize homeless people including anti-homeless laws such as anti-panhandling ordinances; ​ Continue to monitor Sacramento Park Rangers monthly anti-camping citations and homeless camps closed; ​ ​ Continue to facilitate the Sacramento Services Not Sweeps Coalition ​ Continue to participate in National House Keys Not Handcuffs Campaign ​ ​​ Homeless Criminalization Fact Sheet 10 REASONS TO SUPPORT THE MORATORIUM ON ANTI-CAMPING ORDINANCE

  • Guiding Principles | srceh-

    FOUNDING GUIDING PRINCIPLE In order to promote equity, policymakers and the community must address the underlying issues of structural racism and its intersections with class, gender, gender identity sexual orientation, age disabilities and the political, economic and social structures that creates and perpetuates hunger, homelessness, the lack of accessible and affordable housing and disinvestment in neighborhoods of color ​ GUIDING PRINCIPLES We can end and prevent homelessness We - public policymakers and the community - must address the underlying issues of structural racism and its intersections with class, gender, gender identify, sexual orientation, age, disabilities, and the political, economic and social structures that create hunger, homelessness, the lack of decent affordable housing, and disinvestment in neighborhoods of color We declare that safe, decent, affordable and accessible housing, healthy food and access to quality healthcare are basic human rights We believe that people experiencing homelessness should not be criminalized, or otherwise deprived of their rights, due to their lack of stable housing We believe that coalition-building with community members and public education are effective catalysts for change We believe that currently and formerly homeless people must be active and equal participants in all decision making bodies that address the crisis of homelessness

  • CONTACT | srceh-

    CONTACT US: CONTACT FORM Name Email Phone Organization Subject Message Thanks! Message sent. Send CALL US: M: 916-889-4367 EMAIL US: Bob Erlenbusch, Executive Director ​MAILING ADDRESS: 1026 Florin Road #349 Sacramento, CA 95831

  • Housing | srceh-

    HOUSING FACT SHEETS Housing Inventory Count [HIC] [Emergency; Transitional; Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)] Sacramento CoC: 2020 - 2022 LINK TO HIC EMERGENCY SHELTER FACT SHEET LINK TO HIC TRANSITIONAL HOUSING FACT SHEET LINK TO HIC PSH FACT SHEET

  • Systemic Racism | srceh-

    SYSTEMIC RACISM FACT SHEETS Homeless Youth & Adults: People of Color: 2019 Fact Sheet

  • Housing Justice | srceh-

    HOUSING JUSTICE Advocacy Priorities: Permanent, Affordable & Accessible Housing: Advocacy priorities: Monitor the Implementation of the City - County Homelessness Partnership Agreement ​ Campaign to include in the Partnership Agreement: [1] Community Implementation Oversight Committee and [2] Creation of an Independent Ombudsperson Program ​ Campaign for the City and County to declare a "Human Right to Housing" ​ ​ Track the implementation of Measure U: ensure accountability to the community to expand funding for homeless shelters and expand the source[s] of funding for the City & County affordable housing trust fund; Advocate for the passage of a dedicated source of revenue for a state affordable housing trust fund; Protect the remaining Single Room Occupancy [SRO] hotels and their low-income residents that are within 6 blocks of the proposed Kings Arena; Restore the funding to the Housing Voucher program - Call on Congress NOW to restore full funding LINK TO SACRAMENTO CoC HOUSING INVENTORY COUNT Drop In Center, Respite Center, Emergency Shelter & Transitional Housing Fund a weekend Drop-in Center where homeless people can be safe, have access to bathrooms, showers, food, storage facilties for food and medicine; Fund SafeGround; Safe Parking and other safety options for homeless people; Fund Year Round/24-7 Respite Center [warming; cooling and clean air]; Expand funding for emergency shelters - for youth; homeless females and people with disabilities

  • Health Equity | srceh-

    HEALTH EQUITY Advocacy Priorities: Organize to create the Treatment on Demand Alliance - a broad, inclusive coalition of stakeholders to advocate for the County Board of Supervisors to fund a Treatment on Demand program, as part of the City-County Homelessness Partnership Agreement; ​ Continue to participate in Public Health Advocates First Response Transformation Campaign's Equity Advisory Committee; ​ Zero Tolerance Policy for institutions [hospitals, jail, foster care system, shelters] discharging people "to the streets;" ​ Monitor the implementation of SB1152: Hospital Patient Discharge Process: Homeless Patients [effective 1/1/2019]; ​ Continue to participate in the County's Methamphetamine Coalition; ​ Continue to advocate for the expansion of respite or recuperation care beds in Sacramento County; ​ Advocacy for new County jail discharge procedures for homeless people with mental health issues - modeled after Los Angeles County; ​ ​ ​ ​ Annually research, produce and disseminate the Sacramento County Homeless Deaths Report Link to Homeless Deaths Reports

  • Economic Justice | srceh-

    ECONOMIC JUSTICE FACT SHEETS Homeless Employment Fact Sheet: 2017 PUBLICATIONS 2023 Homeless Employment Report 2016 Homeless Employment Report Homeless Employment Report: 2010

  • Homeless Youth | srceh-


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