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  • Education of Homeless Children | srceh-

    EDUCATION OF HOMELESS CHILDREN & YOUTH FACT SHEETS Student Homelessness in Sacramento: 2022 Fact Sheet Student Homelessness in Sacramento CoC: 2006 - 2022

  • GET INVOLVED | srceh-


  • Housing | srceh-

    HOUSING FACT SHEETS Housing Inventory Count [HIC] [Emergency; Transitional; Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)] Sacramento CoC: 2020 - 2022 LINK TO HIC EMERGENCY SHELTER FACT SHEET LINK TO HIC TRANSITIONAL HOUSING FACT SHEET LINK TO HIC PSH FACT SHEET

  • Take the Cringe Test | srceh-

    WOULD YOU SAY...? ... IF IT MAKES YOU CRINGE TO SAY? The neighborhood already has its fair share of people on welfare This neighborhood already has its fair share of Latino's ​ The homeless should only be be placed in commercially zoned areas Jews should only be placed in commercially zoned areas ​ This neighborhood is not suitable for mentally ill people This neighborhood is just not suitable for Asian people ​ Permanent supportive housing for homeless people lowers property Housing for seniors lowers property values and is values and is a drain on public services a drain on public services ​ Housing for people with disabilities must be separated by 500 feet Housing for Catholics must be separated by 500 feet ​ We deserve to be warned when people with mental illness We deserve to be warned when gays and move onto our street lesbians move onto our street ​ We don't want homeless people, but we will accept seniors We don't want Muslims, but willing to accept Protestants ​ If homeless people are going to live here - then I want the building If black people are going to live here, then I want to have: the building to have: + 12 foot walls around it + 12 foot walls around it + bars on the windows + bars on the windows + windows that don't open + windows that don't open + frosted windows so they can't look out + frosted windows so they can't look out + a curfew + a curfew + drug testing + drug testing ​ Cringe Test pdf

  • Transforming No to Yes | srceh-

    Transforming "No" to "Yes" HOW TO GUIDE for YIMBY ADVOCATES Myth busting - at public meetings and hearings - challenge the myths about people experiencing homelessness and siting affordable housing with the facts ​ When you first hear of a proposal: Contact the elected official, developer or non-profit who is managing the project and tell them you are are a supporter and ask how you can help ​ Do wide outreach, engage stakeholders and get community leaders engaged ​ Garner media and political support early ​ Be proactive - anticipate concerns and address them early as part of the project development including demonstrating the benefit of the project for your community -- show pictures and conduct tours of high quality homeless programs and affordable housing ​ Communicate with your elected official: call, email, write your elected official - let them know you support the project and are part of SRCEH's Neighborhood YIMBY Council Campaign ​ If there is a Information Meeting and/or Open House- encourage as many supporters as possible to attend; speak up in support at the meeting; challenge those who make discriminatory; inflammatory or offensive remarks ​ Public process: attend the permit meetings and other public forums to express support for the project ​ Approaches to framing the issue; communication and community outreach: + start your communication strategy early in the process + maintain control of the dialogue - take the offensive and frame your project precisely, positively and consistently ​ Communication: emphasize: + good design of project: good design enhances existing neighborhoods and increase values; additionally, well designed housing can revitalize older neighborhoods and set the standard for development in newer neighborhoods. Good design is also compatible with existing neighborhood architecture + good management of project: good management with strict standards for property maintenance as well as professional property management and compliance with local, state and federal regulations ​ Legal perspective: Sacramento City's Non-Discrimination and Equality Municipal Code: "The City of Sacramento is home to people of every sex, race, color, religion, national origin, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity....Sacramento embraces the dignity, humanity and individuality of all people and strives to provide a safe and welcoming environment for residents and visitors of every conceivable background." ​ Ensure that public input and decision-making is transparent Hold your elected officials accountable to their commitments ​ ​ ​

  • Homeless Environmental Justice Alliance | srceh-

    HOMELESS ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE ALLIANCE Advocacy Priorities: 4 Common Sense Solutions to Sanitation Issues 1. Portland-style Loos &Mobile Bathroom program 2. Hand sanitizing stations 3. Mobile Shower Program 4. Trash receptacles & Mobile Encampment Trash Pick Up Program Link to Dignity Denied Report

  • 100 Tracker | srceh-

    100 Tracker Tracking progress on 100 emergency shelter beds in each Council District Live in Sacramento City but not sure who your councilmember is? Find out here District 1: CM Ashby District 2: CM Warren District 3: CM Harris District 4: CM Hansen District 5: CM Schenirer District 6: CM Guerra District 7: CM Jennings District 8: CM Carr

  • Education of Homeless Children & Youth | srceh-

    EDUCATION OF HOMELESS CHILDREN & YOUTH Advocacy Priorities Partner with local homeless youth advocates to advocate for public policies that will dramatically reduce the number of homeless children and youth in the Sacramento school districts. This includes expanding emergency shelter for youth; expanding affordable housing alternatives for youth; addressing the transportation needs of homeless students Link to Graph

  • Toolkit | srceh-

    SRCEH's 2019 Neighborhood YIMBY Council's Campaign Toolkit Myths vs. Facts Take the Cringe Test Transforming "No" to "Yes"

  • FACT SHEETS | srceh-

    FACT SHEETS: Overview: Homelessness in Sacramento County: 2022 Myths & Facts Criminalization of Homeless People Ethnicity/Race: Homeless People of Color Health Care Homelesss Employment Homelesss Students Homelesss Seniors Safe Parking Program Systemic Racism Violence Against Homeless People

  • Join SRCEH's Home Team | srceh-

    BECOME A MONTHLY SUSTAINER: JOIN SRCEH's HOME TEAM JOIN THE FIGHT TO END & PREVENT HOMELESSNESS: BECOME A SUSTAINING MEMBER OF SRCEH'S HOME TEAM HOUSING IS A HUMAN RIGHT WHY BECOME A MONTHLY SUSTAINER? EVERY HOME NEEDS A STRONG FOUNDATION Your sustained monthly gift allows SRCEH to budget based on predictable, consistent income. This stability allows us to focus on what really matters - end homelessness for our unhoused neighbors Monthly giving allows you, a member of our Home Team, to invest in SRCEH what makes sense for you and your family. It is fast, easy, manageable. One time set-up on SRCEH's Pay Pal account and you have invested in social change. When you are a member of our Home Team, you are joining a growing network of people whose monthly giving supports SRCEH's mission of end & preventing homelessness Levels of Home Team Support: Advocate: $10/month Justice: $25/month Equity: $50/month Community Builder: $100/month Link to become a Monthly Sustainer & Member of SRCEH's Home Team

  • Homeless Civil Rights | srceh-

    HOMELESS CIVIL RIGHTS Advocacy Priorities: ​ ​​ Campaign to limit the City's and County's Ban of homeless people being within 500 feet of "critical infrastructure" project ; ​ Partner with civil rights lawyers to challenge the constitutionality of Measure O; ​ Campaign to pressure the City and Coun ty to stop towing homeless people's vehicles - and instead have the City and County fund a program where they partner with local mechanics to fix homeless peoples vehicles and bring their registration up to date; ​ Advocacy to include homelessness to Sacramento City's Non-Discrimination & Equality Municipal Code; ​ Stop the Law Enforcement Homeless Encampment Raids Campaign: SRCEH defines law enforcement sweeps as a range of activities from the informal “move along orders” that are often threatening i.e. “or else”; to the formal – the forcible removal of people and campsites including the destruction of people’s property, necessities for survival, valuables, personal documents including identification and sometimes medications. Finally, this includes towing homeless people’s vehicles and RV’s; ​ ​ ​Moratorium to the County's anti-camping ordinance until enough affordable housing units are created in our region. This would include protection of the property of homeless people seized by law enforcement; ​ Oppose any efforts to criminalize homeless people including anti-homeless laws such as anti-panhandling ordinances; ​ Continue to monitor Sacramento Park Rangers monthly anti-camping citations and homeless camps closed; ​ ​ Continue to facilitate the Sacramento Services Not Sweeps Coalition ​ Continue to participate in National House Keys Not Handcuffs Campaign ​ ​​ Homeless Criminalization Fact Sheet 10 REASONS TO SUPPORT THE MORATORIUM ON ANTI-CAMPING ORDINANCE

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