The mission of the Sacramento Hunger Coalition is to reduce hunger and malnutrition by increasing food security and access to healthy and nutritious food in Sacramento County through public education, advocacy, community organizing and grassroots advocacy research.


Guiding Principles: 

  • Hunger and lack of access to nutritious food is unacceptable in our community;

  • Long term, sustainable solutions to hunger and food insecurity are possible and desirable in our community;

  • Successful solutions require active participation from diverse entities, including consumers, providers, business,  growers, policy makers, and other affected community members;

  • Food justice is an integral component of a sustainable community, along with affordable housing, transportation, economic security, health and environmental justice;

  • Key strategies include:

    • integrated, comprehensive, and systemic

    • culturally appropriate and address community or neighborhood needs

    • sustainable and designed for replication

    • innovative and based upon best practice principles

    • measurable and can be evaluated

    • based on community partnerships and coalition-building



The Community Services Planning Council [CSPC] created the Sacramento Hunger Commission in 1989, originally as a Joint Commission, funded by the City & County.  1999-2004- Hope Awards In 2000 the Commission, due to budget cuts at the City and County levels, was de-funded by City and County of Sacramento.  CSPC continued to fundraise and recreated the coalition, now known as the Sacramento Hunger Coalition [SHC].  SHC became a project of the Sacramento Housing Alliance in 2012 to carry out the food security work of the Coalition for Regional Equity [CORE].  When CORE disbanded, SHC found a temporary fiscal agent at California Foodlink and in mid-2015 has found a home as a project of the Sacramento Regional Coalition to End Homelessness [SRCEH].